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Wrapping text in form text fields

Ok so you have a form and a large text area on your site but the problem is when typing in the field the text stays on the same line, the first line, and seems to go on forever. This makes it hard to read for a guest and also looks bad! lets take a look at a form field now

In the above form you can type in it and the word will automatically go to the next line. This is what we wanted so lets see how we did it.

The code behind this form looks like this:

How to add custom META tags in drupal

This tutorial shows a simple way to add custom META TAGS to your drupal site. This is useful for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) the tutorial will show one way of doing this although it may not be the only way this is the easiest and most effective way of adding meta tags to each page you want and easily updating the information. This module used to be called the MetaTags Module now in Drupal version 7 it is called the NodeWords module.

Showing code examples on your website

This tutorial shows you how to print html or other source code exaples on your website, show users example coding, and display programming code to a user.

Getting the most out of your fingerprint scanner

Before installing this program make sure your fingerprint scanner is installed and working correctly. It must allow you to enter windows only using the fingerprint scanner. Additionally make sure you can enter safe mode on your computer with the fingerprint scanner only. This ensures if windows has a problem loading in the future that you can enter safe mode and fix it. This program will still disable the keyboard in safe mode.


Deletes windows genuine advantage tool

*Only for use with windows XP 32 edition
use this program at your own risk. If it works on
othe Windows OS's please let me know*

*Upgraded versions will have added support*

I made the first version of AceBurner this doesnt
have a nice GUI but it is effective.

>Download AceBurner from the bottom of this page

>Put the Ace Burner folder in the C:\ directory
*This is the only folder it will work with Future
versions will have added support*


WRT:bug_fix router reset button

This project was created to disable the reset button on your router. The reset button will reset your username/password to the factory defaults this creates a security risk if someone has physical access to your router which in most cases someone has. This project uses a router that is flashed with WRT. WRT allows us to enable/disable the reset button on our router, however when WRT made this feature available they coded it wrong so the feature doesnt work. We will however disable the button through the WRT interface.



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