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Windows 7 downgrade to IE 8

So I needed to downgrade a clients computer back to Internet Explorer 8. He was running Windows 7 and Microsoft decided to make IE 9 an automatic update for windows even though IE 9 still has many bugs and incompatibilities with third party software. It took me a couple hours of research to figure out how to downgrade and make everything work correctly. Even if you uninstall it if your updates are set to automatic then Windows will download and reinstall IE 9, lame. So heres how I went about uninstalling, stopping the updates, and reverting back to IE8 on a Windows 7 machine.

Alternative OS's for the HP Jornada 720

The HP Jornada is a handheld device running windows CE 3.0. the HP Jornada was released in the year 2000 here is some steps I took and the results I got. your results may vary and I am not responsible for anything that may occur do to using the steps I post here. I hope that it helps you but I cannot know nor can I cover all the different circumstances and your may be different than mine. However these are the steps and results I got.
The Specs

How to detect browser type

So I needed to detect the browser type so that I could use a different css based on the rowser the visitor of the site is using. This allows customized formating so that different browsers will output the screen correctly. While searching for a way to do this I came across many many articles that were out of date or simply didn't work! Finally I decided to use one I found over at However it didnt work the way it was but with some slight modifications I have now got a working script that

Fixing the layout of Plone 3

Ive just updated to Plone version 3 for one of my websites but with the addition of menu items across the top the layout of the main menu items the personal menu bar now overlaps. This makes it hard to read and to click on the appropriate menu item so we need to update the css file for our personal bar to fix it.Lets take a look at how we do that. First you must have admin rights on the site so go to the site and log in as a user with admin control.

You can see the problem in the first picture

Raising user privledges with the AT command

This project outlines one way that a user may be able to raise their privledges on a windows based system. The ability to use the at command is the security risk here. If a user can use the AT command then they can possibly raise their privledges depending on what privledges they already had.

Lets first look at how we can tell if the user has privleges to run the AT command If they cannot run the AT command they cannot raise their privledges in this way

Resizing Vitual Keyboard Interface v1.36

Virtual Keyboard Interface 1.36 is a javascript program to allow the addition of a virtual keyboard on your website. There are 5 options for sizes that the keyboard can be displayed. My project needed a virtual keyboard and this program worked all except the size f the keyboard. Mine was ment to be used with touchscreens so I needed the keyboard bigger so it was easier for a user to use it with a stylus or simply there fingers on the touchscreen so this is an outline of how to make the keyboard bigger than the options allow.

Hiding Files in Windows

Ok so you got files that have sensitive information or maybe something else but the main point is you need to hide it. There are many ways of going about doing this but in this tutorial I outline doing it under a windows operating system by simply using the TYPE command in windows command prompt

First lets start by getting fimiliar with the use of the command then we will move onto more advanced commands to help even further

Lets start by going to your C: drive in my computer

Now create a new folder called TEST

go inside this folder and create a new txt file

D Link routers

The Dlink router may be prefered over a Linksys

This picture shows a captcha feature offered on D Link routers
this makes sure that a program is not used by someone to crack your routers password this makes you and your network much more secure than a router without the captcha feature

How to make a hidden folder in Windows

Making a hidden folder in Windows

This tutorial describes how to make a hidden folder in Windows. This technique should not be used as a security feature if your files are sensitive or contain important information. Always use encryption in those cases. You can however use this technique along with the encryption to make your files even more secure. This technique works well if you use a shared computer and dont wan other users finding your files.


What is SPARQ Code? Well its a newer inventive way of making your cell phone easier to use. You may have heard of some newer cell phones which have the ability to read bar codes at stores and return to you the price of the item along with some other useful information about the product. SPARQ Code works almost like a barcode but looks more like the example below.This method is also used in airports for identifying baggage and probably has many more uses.


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