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When it comes to pentesting we all love BackTrack but heres an alternative you may not have heard of

Us penetration testers have of course all heard of BackTrack it's the most popular penetration testing distro out there but Node Zero is a great alternative. Node Zero was formaly known as Ubuntu Pentest Edition and was the first Ubuntu/Gnome based pentesting distro out. NodeZero uses Ubuntu repositories so your system will be always up to date. With NodeZero comes around 300 tools for penetration testing and set of basic services which are needed in penetration testing.

Make your *nix server alert you with email or sms messages on invalid login attempts

If you run a private server or just one that not many people should log into this is a very useful hack to your linux or *nix server. The idea is to be alerted when there is a breakin attempt on your server. Its actually not much work but took me a bit of research to find the answer so now that I have got it working on my server I thought I'de share this friendly little hack. This will allow me to know when people are trying to login to my server, mine happens to be a provate server so If Im not logging in then its someone else.

How to make your important folders easier to find with folder icons in Windows

Navigating through all your folders on your computer can be a hassle but using folder icons in Windows can help you find those hard to find folder that you are looking for. This built in function is already built into your Windows operationg system but many users do not take advantage of the feature. Blow I show how you can make it much easier on yourself!

first you need to locate the folder you want to change the icon for you can do this through "My Computer" or if the folder is on your desktop just go there. Now right click on the folder and navigate the menu to "Properties"

Bluetooth dongle by Cyber Technology Limited with Fake antenna

This was originally going to be an antenna mod on a bluetooth dongle I had bought of which had an antenaa on it. This is now a documentation of the dongle which we thought had an antenna.

I do lots of bluetooth related projects none of which I share on this site but had to share this dongle I came across with everyone cause its such a shock as to what I found.

I bought this dongle offline Its a bluetooth dongle by "Cyber Technology Limited"

Java: Problems with containsIgnoreCase

This project came about because I wanted to use the containsIgnoreCase() function in Java. well it doesn't work!

Java can use equalsIgnoreCase however containsIgnoreCase doesnt work so this discribes a workaround

example: with equalsIgnoreCase() here we are checking to see if the string EQUALS the value we pass in this case "java"

String myString = ("Java is a great programming language");

if (myString.equalsIgnoreCase("java"))


alternative OS's for the Cabolt Qube 2 and the Gateway Microserver

This is the process I used and information I have gathered. If you decide to use the information I am providing I am not responsible for anything that goes wrong. I have done my best to give accurate information and outline the procedures I used to get the results I show here but I cannot cover every situation and there may be diffrences from my system to yours so use this information however you wish but know that there is a risk that it may be different for your system

BotScout Module for Drupal

I run a few Drupal sites and always have trouble with bots so I have created a module to get rid of Bots once and for all!! BotScout is a third party software that checks a database of known bots and returns a response code. This module will check if a person is a bot when they register to your site if they are they wont be able to create an account. At this time the module is NOT a drupal supported module it is a third party module created by me but I plan on making it a fully supported drupal module in the future.

fixing the e100 module in linux

Ok I have two machines I recently installed linux on one is a Compaq Armada E500 and the other is a Toshiba Portege 3500. The Armada is running Suse 6.0 and the Portege is running BackTrack R2. Both machines came up with the same error message for my network adapters they both happen to be Intel NIC's.

Toshiba Portege 3500 screen

This project started because of a problem i was having with my Toshiba Portege 3500. The computer is a tablet pc that i got with no OS installed ( well it was corrupted so I needed a fresh install ) After reinstalling windows I tried many many drivers trying to get the tablet pen to work on the screen. Each time people reported these drivers worked but they just wouldnt for me. This was irratating and I couldnt seem to figure out what I was doing wrong, damn it.

Download torrents without installing a program

Many websites now require you to download there programs using peer to peer ( P2P ). Many people are not fimiliar with P2P networks or how to use them. Most people don't know when you use a program like Limewire or BitTorrent or any other P2P client program that it lets other people download files from your computer. Thats right!


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