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Connecting to IRC with your mobile phone

Hey it's been a while since I have shared a project of mine, I have been very busy lately. Today I am going to share a program called JmIRC. This program allows users to chat on IRC using their mobile phone. This program is Java based so you don't need to have a smart phone!!

This program works on any phone that allows Java based apps, which is most phones, it will work on smartphones as well but the people that can't afford a smartphone can also use it.

How to use BlueChomp to find undiscoverable bluetooth devices

Many people think that putting your bluetooth device in undiscoverable mode makes it so that noone can see your device. While this is true for the conventional user, it is not accurate! Bluetooth devices can still be found by knowing or guessing the BDADDR which is the bluetooth equivelant of a MAC Address.

Dynamically including fivestar ratings in drupal content

While using the Fivestar module for Drupal I came across a situation where I wanted to use multiple seperate votes on a single page. Okay this can already easily be done no problem but I didnt want to clump them all together at the bottom of the page nor at the top nor in the middle. I wanted to instead use them inside my content as I was writing the content of the page. This would allow me to get votes on multiple things as they read the article.

How to install the ubertooth in linux

Ive seen many tutorials out there for installing the ubertooth on linux. Getting the ubertooth up and running isn't hard to do but installing the kismet and wireshark plugins can be a little bit tricky if your not a linux guru. So now I introduce a real simple way to install the latest ubertooth code, along with the kismet and wireshark plugins. You can head over to the website and download a script from the site that will set everything up for you automatically.

webpage development width and height attributes in IE

As webpage developers we know about and commonly use the width and height attributes to change the layout of our pages. But here is a not very known fact that I just came across, IE or Internet Explorer atleast since IE 8 supports not only whole numbers but decimals as well in the attribute. It doesn't seem that Firefox or any other browser will support this but for example if we have width="99.9%"

IE will return the extra .9% thus typing width="99.9%" will display different than typing width="99%"

Bluesheep Security - Bluetooth security and development

hey everyone if your into bluetooth systems Ide love to have you join my new site over at If you like bluetooth security or bluetooth development please feel free to join us on our site many new things to come on the site, Sign up today!

Svchost processes, learn what they really are

If your running Windows you have probably opened the task manager or task monitor ( whichever you want to call it nowdays ) and noticed that there is just about always multiple processes running called svchost . Wiki descibes svchost in the following manner "In the Windows NT family of operating systems, svchost.exe (Service Host, or SvcHost) is a system process which hosts multiple Windows services." However some malicious software or malware can also use this name to hide in our systems. So how do we know what that svchost process is actually doing?

Learning to Learn Better

I do alot of hacks and tips for computers and technology but sometimes I also like to discuss life itself and some ways of helping people become better people in general. To help people do the things they wish they could. I focus alot of my time on becoming a better person so while researching the human learning process I came across some information about states we go through while learnign a new process or something new in general. I thought I would share them with you today.

Optimizing the performance of your Windows machine with pagefile tweaks

I you have an extra harddrive laying around or multiple harddrives in your computer this little tweak could help your computer run faster. the Pagefile on windows machines also called virtual memory is an area of the harddrive or harddrives that the computer uses as memory when your actual physical memory (R.A.M.) runs out. We typicaly use part of our main hard drive for virtual memory but this is not correct way to get maximum performance out of our Windows machines.

Protecting your privacy while browsing the internet

Many of us browse the internet daily and visit many site but did you know that many sites collect personal information about you!


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