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Plone 4 Hide content from navigation by default

Recently I needed to upgrade a site that is running Plone, so that it would not add new news items that were listed on the main page to the navigation bar. I thought I would share what I found worked to achieve this goal.

If you don't know what Plone is it is a JAVA based CMS ( content management system ) Like Drupal or Wordpress etc. except it is written using the JAVA programming language instead of PHP.

So lets get down to making our content types not show in the navigation area of our site. First we need to know the name of the Content Type that we don't want to show up in navigation. To find this we simple login as a user that has access to the ZMI ( Zope Management Interface ) located in Site Setup. Once we login and navigate to the ZMI we go to portal_types. This gives a list of the portal types we have on our site. In my case I needed to block the type News Item (NewsItem)

Now that we know the type lets block it from navigation. Navigate now to the following area of your site
Site Setup > ZMI (Zope Management Interface) > portal_propeties > navtree_properties

Now look for the area that says "metaTypesNotToList"

This is where we need to add any type(s) of content we dont want to be added to navigation. Since mine was labeled News Item (NewsItem)
I added into the box "NewsItem" notice I used the name within the parenthesis which has no space. I added it to the list without removing the other types.
Now just save it and refresh the browser if there was already content with that type in your navigation area.

Kind of a short tutorial but I hope it helps someone trying to learn Plone or just trying to customize it.


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