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Random Root OS

Random Root OS

Today I would like to share on of my new projects, the project is still in early development at this point but I thought I would give you an early primer for this upcoming project.
This project is geared towards penetration testing. The project aims to help pentesters develop the required skills to either become a penetration tester or to keep up on the latest vulnerabilities. We can of course always just look up vulnerabilities and learn about them but there is always a difference between text book and real world scenario. To actually learn about the vulnerability it is always best to have the hands on experience associated with the information. Thus Random Root OS was born.

There are projects such as the Hackerdemia CD's over on Herot Net but they are limited to the scenario on the CD

RandomRoot OS is a live DVD that when loaded will first choose a random operating system to load, once loaded the OS will load a script to include random vulnerabilities. Now each time we load the CD we have, a random operating system, and random vulnerabilities to pentest on. This means a new scenario each time we load the live DVD.

But how are the vulnerabilities choosen? Well there will soon be a section on the website for users of the community to suggest vulnerabilities to be added. Once approved they will be added to the list of available vulnerabilities that can be loaded. Random Root OS will choose only one of each type of vulnerability at a time, meaning that two seperate FTP servers will NOT be loaded at once, this means they con not conflict with each other.

I am currently looking for maintainers to help with the project, Maintainers will help mold the future of this project and help keep the community a productive environment for others to enjoy. please email me at admin[@T]randomroot(D0T)COM

For more information please see the website at

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