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When it comes to pentesting we all love BackTrack but heres an alternative you may not have heard of

Us penetration testers have of course all heard of BackTrack it's the most popular penetration testing distro out there but Node Zero is a great alternative. Node Zero was formaly known as Ubuntu Pentest Edition and was the first Ubuntu/Gnome based pentesting distro out. NodeZero uses Ubuntu repositories so your system will be always up to date. With NodeZero comes around 300 tools for penetration testing and set of basic services which are needed in penetration testing. For a complete list of tools you can visit or for more info on Node Zero itself visit Node Zero can be ran live from CD or USB or easily installed for better performance.

This distro will be seeing great improvments in the next upcoming version and has great performance for low capability machines. The best thing about this distro is it has hardly any setup involved "It just works!" And the distro is based on Ubuntu 10.04 which is a LTS (long term support) distro this is a very great thing since from time to time everyone needs some sort of support this ensures that support will be offered as long as you dont upgrade the distro.

I'de love to hear what others think about the use of this distro. Please feel free to share your experiences with me or on the Node Zero website in the forums :) Also added bluetooth support will be coming up including easy setup for your ubertooth one!

Thats right Ubertooth One works on this distro and I will be making tutorials and be helping to make your Ubertooth experiences much easier on Node Zero, Backtrack is not your only option anymore!! Need bluetooth support ask on the forums and I'll be happy to assist in any way that I can.


From what I saw while using this OS it was okay but not kept up to date. I see they finally got NodeZero 2 released but looking at the site the last post was back in July of 2012. Me and my partner over at Bluesheep Security were coordinating with the guy to setup the bluetooth section for the distribution but his responses took forever, he was busy I understand however it lead us to give up on coordinating with him. Node Zero used to be called Ubuntu Pentest edition however Ubuntu made the guy change the name of the distro since they were not at all invloved in the project.

Another distribution you may wqant to look at is BlackBuntu, I highly recommend this distribution it runs smooth and has most everything you need for pentesting. repositories are kept in much better shape than Backtrack,

As a note Kali seems much better but still testing things out might want to try Kali as well

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