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WRT:bug_fix router reset button

This project was created to disable the reset button on your router. The reset button will reset your username/password to the factory defaults this creates a security risk if someone has physical access to your router which in most cases someone has. This project uses a router that is flashed with WRT. WRT allows us to enable/disable the reset button on our router, however when WRT made this feature available they coded it wrong so the feature doesnt work. We will however disable the button through the WRT interface. This will not however disable it completly we will discuss why this is and how to fix it but first lets look at the steps we will be taking:

>Get a router with WRT on it or put WRT on your router.
If you dont know how then visit WRT's website or look for my upcoming tutorials on flashing routers with WRT I will show the process for many routers.

>Disable the button in WRT

>Rebuild our bootloader and reflash the router

CAUTION: This process will disable the reset
button and if you forget the password you will
have to re-flash your router to gain access to
it. DO NOT forget your password!!!!

>This tutorial assums you have a router that has
been flashed with WRT. WRT is a third part
firmware for your router and gives you as an
administrator far more options and control.
>If you have WRT you may have noticed there is a
spot to enable or disable the reset button
however upon trying to disable it you may find
that it does not work!!!! Yeah seams they made a
coding error well this part is easy to fix using
the WRT interface.Lets take a look at how to do

>First open your internet browser IE or firefox
or whatever else you might use and access your
routers web interface this is done by typing in

This will be different if you changed your
routers ip address for networking reasons if you
know enough to reconfigure the ip you should know
how to access it

>now you are at the WRT web interface if you dont
have WRT installed on the router please install
it first then come back to this tutorial. Go to
the Administration tab Then on the SUB-TABS go to
the Commands tab

>at this point you are presented with a textarea
where you can put commands and execute them, save
tem to startup, or save them as custom scripts

>type into the textarea:

killall resetbutton

>Now hit the Save Startup button

>Reboot your router once its completly rebooted
access the web interface again and try it out to
make sure it worked. Press that bad old reset
button and nothing should happen you should still
need to log in with the username/password set
that you created NOT THE FACTORY DEFAULT

>Ok I made my script and it disabled the button
>Lets take a look at what routers do when you
plug them in: First the router goes through a
boot process just like a computer then it will
load WRT which is the equivelent of starting
>So when we made that script and told it to
disable the button that was only for after WRT
starts during the bootloader process it is still
enabled. This allows someone to unplug the router
and hold the reset button while the plug it back
in. Doing this resets the router to factory
defaults. We just went throught the work of
fixing the script for WRT so Im sure we dont want
the bootloader making our efforts useless SO
>What do we do? Well the next part is a bit more
complicated but is the way I found to disable the
button completly thus eliminating a security risk.
>We are going to need to rebuild the bootloader
and reflash the router with the new bootloader

******If you can't or just don't want to flash your router with WRT I will do it for you for a small price. If your router is not on the supported router list on the WRT site dont worry I have flashed many routers that were not on the list with success. Email me for details or to discuss doing this.******


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