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Toshiba Portege 3500 screen

This project started because of a problem i was having with my Toshiba Portege 3500. The computer is a tablet pc that i got with no OS installed ( well it was corrupted so I needed a fresh install ) After reinstalling windows I tried many many drivers trying to get the tablet pen to work on the screen. Each time people reported these drivers worked but they just wouldnt for me. This was irratating and I couldnt seem to figure out what I was doing wrong, damn it. After many days of research I found my answer cant remember the site that lead me to the info but the problem was solved well sorta.

It seems there is a design flaw in the casing for the screen on these models the problem had not been the driver. What was happening is certain spots on the screen would cut out in my case it was the middle section of the screen all the way across would cut out the pen would function top and bottom section of the screen but skip the middle area. Thats why i thought driver but was wrong. to fix the problem it was suggested to press on both the sides of the screen while puching in and run your fingers up and down the sides of the screen, or if it was cutting out top to bottom to run your hands across the top and bottom borders of the screen while pressing down.

Great this works but a pain in the butt while doing graphics to stop and do this to get it working. so whats the real fix? well the problem lies in the casing so time to open the screen up and see what they got and how we can re-inforce it thats where we will be going with this project if you dont want to attempt something like this continue pressing down around the border of the screen each time it happens. If you got some guts and a few extra IQ points than your average panda bear then you can follow along and mod your screen.

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