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What is SPARQ Code? Well its a newer inventive way of making your cell phone easier to use. You may have heard of some newer cell phones which have the ability to read bar codes at stores and return to you the price of the item along with some other useful information about the product. SPARQ Code works almost like a barcode but looks more like the example below.This method is also used in airports for identifying baggage and probably has many more uses.

SPARQ code is software that allows you to take a picture of the SPARQ Code with your phone and be able to navigate to a url, dail phone numbers, find addresses, invoke applications presently on the phone, download applications some even for free, add people to your contacts list including all information fields, Set meeting dates and times, send text messages, or even send raw data to your phone.

Heres a site that lets you develop your own SPARQ Codes or access SPARQ Codes that allow downloading of applications to your mobile phone

Make SPARQ Code

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