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Learning to Learn Better

I do alot of hacks and tips for computers and technology but sometimes I also like to discuss life itself and some ways of helping people become better people in general. To help people do the things they wish they could. I focus alot of my time on becoming a better person so while researching the human learning process I came across some information about states we go through while learnign a new process or something new in general. I thought I would share them with you today.

When we are learning something that is new to us it is natural that we go through these 4 stages of progression to learn it and implement it into our lives. Each process is described below and put into a way I believe everyone can understand.

PHASE 1: You know there is a problem that needs to be fixed, you may not know what the problem is at this point and you also don't know what to do to fix it. We commonly feel fear at this point but may also be driven to fix the problem. Many times we need to make sure to identify the problem correctly in order to fix it. Researching problem solving techniques may help at this point.

PHASE 2: At this point we figure out the actions we have been taking are not working to solve the problem. We may also find that our actions were causing the problem to be worst in some scenarios. At this point we try to learn different things we can do to solve the problem. We then try the new ways out but they seem hard in alot of cases and you are not good at doing it yet.We now know what we need to fix just not how to fix it

PHASE 3:At the next stage we are doing our new techniques and we are getting somewhere. Still we have a hard time forcing ourselves to keep doing it. we usually experience great satisfation at this point and feel we have done what it takes but at the same time we are pushing to contuinue doing it.

PHASE 4:At this phase we now are good at our new skills and use them everyday in our lives without even thinking about it. It's more of a habit than a task. Our problem is solved and our life has changed for the better.

It is a great thing to realize the steps we must go through to learn something new. This helps us overcome our problems and form better habits!

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