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How to make your important folders easier to find with folder icons in Windows

Navigating through all your folders on your computer can be a hassle but using folder icons in Windows can help you find those hard to find folder that you are looking for. This built in function is already built into your Windows operationg system but many users do not take advantage of the feature. Blow I show how you can make it much easier on yourself!

first you need to locate the folder you want to change the icon for you can do this through "My Computer" or if the folder is on your desktop just go there. Now right click on the folder and navigate the menu to "Properties"

Now go to the Customize Tab on the top. This gives many options but what we are looking for is "Change Icon"

After you hit the "change icon" button a new window appears giving you many built in icons you can use.

Scroll through the pictures provided and choose the one you want Then hit OK

After hitting OK the window will close make sure you now hit APPLY

As you can see in the background the folder now has the icon that you choose.

We can hit ok to get rid of the properties window now and can clearly see the folder is much easier to spot

In the folder I show there are only a few folders so it wasn't all that hard to find in the first place but many times a user may have a folder with multiple subfolders that is when this feature of Windows comes in most handy. You can also download free icons from the internet and use those instead of the ones provided by Microsoft. To do this just choose the path where you downloaded the icons when you are in the window choosing the icon the below picture highlights that choice for you so you can see where to chose your files.

I hope some of you will find this feature useful for easier navigation inside your Windows machine. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to share them with me :D

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