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How to make a hidden folder in Windows

Making a hidden folder in Windows

This tutorial describes how to make a hidden folder in Windows. This technique should not be used as a security feature if your files are sensitive or contain important information. Always use encryption in those cases. You can however use this technique along with the encryption to make your files even more secure. This technique works well if you use a shared computer and dont wan other users finding your files.

First lets make a folder on the desktop ( this technique can be used anywhere but for the tutorial we will learn the technique on the desktop to get used to it )

So make a new folder
now right click the folder and go to properties then to the Customize tab on the top

Near the bottom of the open window hit the change icon
scroll to the right until you find a blank picture click ok then hit apply

If you have done this correctly you folder will now have no icon picture above the name of the folder


Now right click the folder and click rename this will rename the folder of course

Windows will not allow you to make a folder have no name.
To get around this we will use ASCII code ( dont worry its not as scary as it sounds )

To use ASCII codes you must


to do this on a laptop you might have to hold down the Fn key and the right ALT key at the same time this depends on the laptops keyboard

now with number locks on and holding the right alt key press 255 on the number pad

This creates a blank space as a folder name and is acceptable to windows as a folder name hit enter to accept the new folder name.

now you have a folder with a blank space as a name and no icon picture. The folder is virtually invisible.

If you cant find the folder press CTRL + A this selects all files and folders and will highlight the folders name in blue but the name is only a single character so it appears as a little blue block. You can open the folder as usual by double clicking into it to open it now if you want put it in a corner away from the other folders clicking anywhere on the desktop will unhighlight the files/folders and will make it hidden again.

Once again please dont use this as your only form of security if your files contain sensitive information but instead use it along with your encryption program.

Please leave comments, suggestions, questions,and feedback here and I will assist

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