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How to install the ubertooth in linux

Ive seen many tutorials out there for installing the ubertooth on linux. Getting the ubertooth up and running isn't hard to do but installing the kismet and wireshark plugins can be a little bit tricky if your not a linux guru. So now I introduce a real simple way to install the latest ubertooth code, along with the kismet and wireshark plugins. You can head over to the website and download a script from the site that will set everything up for you automatically. It downloads the latest ubertooth code, the latest kismet and the latest wireshark, then it will make the appropriate changes to the files for the ubertooth plugins and install the programs. Warning though this script takes a while to run all the way thru but it would take just as long to do it yourself if not longer, this is mostly due to wireshark needing to be recompiled to include the bluetooth plugin for the ubertooth. Don't worry though the install has been easy with the script here are the instructions:

*NOTE this will only work on systems that have apt installed, if there is a need for a version that will work on OS's that don't have apt I may write a version for those systems but as of right now only systems with apt installed will run this script correctly

download the script from


move the file wherever you want with command
*NOTE this is where you will need to navigate to in order to access the ubertooth code and the programs that come with it.

sudo mv ubertooth-kismet-wireshark-latest.tar /pathto/folder/

now change to the directory you moved it to and run the command

sudo ./install

That's it everything will be taken care of it will take a while to run through the whole thing so you might as well grab a cup of coffee and find something to do for a bit while it runs.

If it asks if you are sure you want to install the software you will need to answer Y for yes

Hope everyone enjoys this automated script and more importantly enjoys their ubertooth :) If you like this script please make an account over at there will be many new programs and info added to the site soon. Also feel free to join us on IRC over at\6667 channel #bluesheep

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