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Hiding Files in Windows

Ok so you got files that have sensitive information or maybe something else but the main point is you need to hide it. There are many ways of going about doing this but in this tutorial I outline doing it under a windows operating system by simply using the TYPE command in windows command prompt

First lets start by getting fimiliar with the use of the command then we will move onto more advanced commands to help even further

Lets start by going to your C: drive in my computer

Now create a new folder called TEST

go inside this folder and create a new txt file

rename the file to test.txt

Now go to the folder C:\WINDOWS\system32

copy SOL.EXE to the TEST folder we created just a minute ago

Ok now we have a folder named TEST that should contain two files test.txt and sol.exe

as you can see the test.txt file should be 0 Kb in size if you didnt type anything in the file.

Now go to START and RUN and type CMD.EXE

this opens command prompt

type in the following:



type sol.exe>>test.txt|sol.exe

At this point the file sol.exe will open just close it and continue

This appends the file sol.exe (Which is solitaire) to the file test.txt

Now we can delete sol.exe from the TEST folder or even from the whole computer and still be able to run it

How to run it

ok now the file is in there but how do I run it?

to run the hidden program go to START and RUN again

type in CMD.EXE to open command prompt again

Now to open the program we can type the following:

start C:\TEST\test.txt|sol.exe

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