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Getting the most out of your fingerprint scanner

Before installing this program make sure your fingerprint scanner is installed and working correctly. It must allow you to enter windows only using the fingerprint scanner. Additionally make sure you can enter safe mode on your computer with the fingerprint scanner only. This ensures if windows has a problem loading in the future that you can enter safe mode and fix it. This program will still disable the keyboard in safe mode.
>Ok so you just got a fingerprint scanner or perhaps a laptop with one built in you set it up and now instead of typing your password in you can just put your finger on the fingerprint scanner and it uses your fingerprint as the password

>The problem is that now someone can either type in the password or they can use the fingerprint scanner

>Now the fingerprint scanner is a convienence but it doesnt add any security to your system because someone can still type in the password and access the computer

>This project focuses only on the windows password the goal is to disable the keyboard at the login screen but re-enable it after windows loads so it can be used after you have successfully logged in. This makes the system more secure because someone HAS to use the fingerprint scanner to access the system they can no longer type in your password

>This will only be true if the person is at your computer the password can still be used remotely to gain access to your computer

**NOTE this is very dangerous because if your fingerprint scanner breaks or is stolen then you can't type the password in because of the keyboard being disabled USE THIS TECHNIQUE WITH CAUTION***

Please read the Readme.txt file
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