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BotScout Module for Drupal

I run a few Drupal sites and always have trouble with bots so I have created a module to get rid of Bots once and for all!! BotScout is a third party software that checks a database of known bots and returns a response code. This module will check if a person is a bot when they register to your site if they are they wont be able to create an account. At this time the module is NOT a drupal supported module it is a third party module created by me but I plan on making it a fully supported drupal module in the future. It allows you to block by name, email, or ip or any combination of the 3 also recieve email alerts when a bot is blocked. THIS MODULE IS FOR DRUPAL 6x I plan on making an upgraded module for Drupal 7x soon thx

More info about the module is available at my BotScout page at

More info available about BotScout in general is at

please feel free to leave suggestions, comments, and bug reports and this site, My module site, or at the BotScout page itself your feedback is important so I can update the module to work better for people

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