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Bluetooth dongle by Cyber Technology Limited with Fake antenna

This was originally going to be an antenna mod on a bluetooth dongle I had bought of which had an antenaa on it. This is now a documentation of the dongle which we thought had an antenna.

I do lots of bluetooth related projects none of which I share on this site but had to share this dongle I came across with everyone cause its such a shock as to what I found.

I bought this dongle offline Its a bluetooth dongle by "Cyber Technology Limited"

Ok great a bluetooth dongle with an antenna this will work good for an antenna mod I had planned.

Lets open it up to see what we can do

WTH the antenna doesnt have a wire to it??

Ok look when I buy a dongle and it has an antenna I want it to work, this thing is only a piece of plastic that looks like an antenna so now this dongle is no better than one without an antenna :/ well for now atleast the only good it did was gave me room to add my own antenna to the dongle. I can't believe though that the antenna was not even functional just there for looks to make you want to buy the thing, how the hell they can get away with this shit is BS

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