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Deletes windows genuine advantage tool

*Only for use with windows XP 32 edition
use this program at your own risk. If it works on
othe Windows OS's please let me know*

*Upgraded versions will have added support*

I made the first version of AceBurner this doesnt
have a nice GUI but it is effective.

>Download AceBurner from the bottom of this page

>Put the Ace Burner folder in the C:\ directory
*This is the only folder it will work with Future
versions will have added support*

>in the AceBurner folder run the install.exe

>If any errors came up then you didnt put it in
the correct location so try again the path is
C:/Ace Burner

>Now there is a shortcut on your desktop called
AceBurner.exe run this anytime you accidently
download the WGA tool and it will delete the

>Instead of running it from your desktop you also
have the option of restarting your computer this
program will run every time that windows starts
and protect you from having the WGA tool
installed on your computer

>the WGA tool does not HAVE to be downloaded from
microsoft and this program does not make it a
genuine copy, does not bypass the WGA tool all
itdoes is deletes it from your system so you will
not have a genuine copy of window from using this
program but you also wont have that annoying
popup telling you it's not a genuine copy of

**Look for future versions and leave comments below**


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